To be short and precise, these 10 years will be the most cherished period of my life and may have an impact on my life till death. Just 4 phases of life but the whole decade had been a rejuvenating experience.
Here it goes:


The long relationship with St Thomas came to an end and the relationship with the most glamorous school of North India – DAV Shyamli was on a roll. 2 years of pressure, tuitions, bio, AK Singh, maths, exam papers and all, with my Hero Cycle (still in my garage). The real competitive pressure could be felt in the nerves. Mom’s and Dad’s pride was resided in my results of, none other than in which resided the pride of another 1 lacs parents of my batch, IIT JEE. I got through screening but not in mains. Ultimately after filling up 250 options in CBSE form, landed up with a call letter of ITER, BBSR, Mech Engg!


“Mech engg main fire hona chaiye”, became the words of living in ITER. Well, these were the most memorable days of life – engineering classes cum bunks, hostel, hostilities, ragging and mess food. I got in touch with some of the best friends who made my life, in an unknown land, very sweet and simple. My performance graph went a V-shape during the tenure of 8 semesters, thanks to the rising fun graph of hostel life. Had ample parties and of course I admit, vomiting too. Ha ha, but that was fun. 12 hostilities, 12 personalities, 12 gems, were all that I got and still cherish till date. Yes, also got 2 jobs – TCS and Mahindra finally. Had a tuff time choosing one but ultimately landed at Nasik – Mahindra R&D centre!


It was a Turnaround phase. 1 year of training, Ludhiana visit and Reliability Engg made me a tuff guy. The most interesting and memorable moments were VRDE testing, Navshya Ganpati , Non veg treats, and Scorpio ride and handling. Met some very influential people (personally) who changed my life completely. Bought the cheapest bike available in the market – Bajaj Platina (still giving a FE of 70 Km/l) and learned cooking by some great food freaks! One of the most emotional turbulent times of my life but finally managed to get a percentile in CAT which gave me a call letter from IIM Lucknow & Kolkata for FPM programme. Kolkata letter I tore away, for some reason (immaterial now) and finally got through Lucknow. ‘Picture abhi baki tha, mere dost’.

2009- 31st Dec, 2010

Seems like I joined this place just yesterday and sitting in the FPM room no 30 and writing this, gives me a nostalgic feeling of the day I arrived at the campus. 5 terms were more than a roller coaster ride with credits, quizzes, cases, grades, mark, fin, ops, HR, strategy, Fauji, G&B and above all research papers. This march, PGP 25 will move out and the our final race to, probably, the last degree of life, will begin.

Now when I sit and retrospect, I feel despite the tremendous pressure at IIM, this is the best phase of my life. I wish the same continues and sincerely thanks the last decade to make me what I am today. I also thank all the persons who crossed my life in the past decade – for their support and experience. And above all I thank Lucknow to give me the ‘light of joy’ which I cherish and always will for decades to come.
Let’s get into the 2nd decade of 21st century with a smile and sing together – IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD!