Its 3:23am. The starry night at IIM Lucknow is cozy and calm. The cool breeze touching my cheeks are divine and my wandering mind has just generated a beautiful thought. The thought about – “FAILURE”. Now how can a thought of – “failure”- be beautiful?

Well, I just wanna ask you to keep reading and comment at the end if i was able to make you on my side for this weird but a path breaking thought 🙂

To be a bit patriotic, I am proud to be an Indian! We all live in an Indian society which instills a sense of achievement in our veins right from our infancy stage. This – sense of achievement – in my view is a – ‘FEAR OF FAILURE’. I, you and society , all wanna achieve something our whole lives and live with a FEAR OF FAILURE. If you fail – U are doomed. How can you fail in an Indian society? Your neighbor never failed! For the past 26 years I (and may be a majority of you ) have lived this, but today, when I look back and reflect, apart from my achievements, my failures are equally important a part of my life and responsible for whatever I am today.

My achievements speaks for me to the outer society. But my failures speak to my inner self. It speaks to me about the those moments which i lived through and those which made me strong. It speaks to me of all the learnings from hurdles which i crossed through. It speaks to me of my real inner self and of all those stones and stumbles i crossed to climb the mountain.

Some of you might have never failed in a way, high in scale, but some failures are inevitable.Its impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.

Failures, give us inner security which we can never experience by any achievement. It teaches us things about ourselves which we could have never learnt the other way. It rather conspired against us for our own good.
Life is not ( n should not be ) a bed of roses. Else the whole purpose of the same is lost – in short – U NEVER LIVE LIFE.

I define LIFE as – “Look Into Failure Experiences”! This has a two-fold benefits. One, You know the dark side of life, for you can never know how sweet are the grapes unless u taste a sour one. Secondly, You make a complete picture of your experiences. On a lighter note – mast masala Bollywood movie!

The very experience that we have become wiser and stronger is an achievement. We never know the essence of any relationship, goals and success unless we face adversity. Such an experience is a blessing which is painfully won.

Our CV & qualification falsely represent ourselves ( All MBA aspirants! this is for you ). The one who really appreciates this really knows what happiness is all about. Life is too complicated, dynamic and beyond one’s control. Humility in life – in person and to know this – is the greatest treasure to be cherished!

I would recommend you all to view the motivation of this blog, commencement speech at Harvard by an infamous writer – J.K. Rowling over “Fringe benefits of failure and role of imagination”

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

Its 4:14am now and the starry night outside has become more cozier and calmer. The cooler breeze touching my cheeks has become more divine and my settled mind now is more convinced of the beautiful thought – “FAILURE”. Now,are you convinced of the beauty of failure? – The only thing in the world which smashes you on your face just to make you a better,stronger and wiser person!