In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer – Albert Camus.
Life is Beautiful. And the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In our – so called – busy lives, it’s unbelievable that ‘Small Things’ – I prefer to call it that way – can bring life to your spine, given, you understand and enjoy them well.
I would like to share some ‘Small Things’ which makes my life charming explicitly and of course implicitly, during the course of my day in IIM Lucknow.
First of all let me make 1 thing very clear. Life at IIM Lucknow rocks! It’s a different experience altogether. You can’t get this MBA degree feel in any other graduation college around the world. MBA is a course in which u become a jack of every trade and that’s where the challenge lies. MBA forces you to broaden your horizon and thus I guess the rigour here is worth experiencing once in everyone’s life. It’s then only that the importance of these ‘Small Things’ becomes more crucial to be a Raymond’s man i.e. – A Complete Man.
Here it goes:
My day starts with the alarm clock. An indicator that – Get up, Have a bath n Rush. But then there as I step out of my room, the very scenic site of IIM catches my breath. There is a shortcut from FPM hostel to PGP block, all surrounded by lush green trees. Birds chirp and you can smell the fragrance of nature in the course. What an awesome way to start your day. Could not be better!

I love to have morning breakfast in mess. It’s the only time u sit cosily in the mess and enjoy every sip of ur morning tea just before having a loooong day , almost every day. My favourite day is Thursday when we get delicious breakfast (am a big food freak, so pl bear).

Then my seat in class. Its somewhere in the last row and I guess the best place to sit in the class (Especially with 2 most wonderful friends I ever had in life). It’s a family now up there. May be the best social time I spend during the day.

Then there is a small boy, working in Guptaji (our only refreshment store inside IIM). I don’t know but since my first day here, he and I exchange a salaam every time we meet. I like him and he likes me. We share a smile every time and I guess that’s the most innocent smile, I experience, inside campus.

Then there is a evening tea session in the hostel where my friend and I take turns making it ( I guess my friend makes it 9/10 days and the reason being that my tea is not even 10% good of what I get to have). This is also a very special small moment where we share everything and anything that happened in the day (There is no dearth of news in here, that’s why it’s a rocking place)

Then as the darkness overpowers the glory of light, beautiful twinkling stars shine with pride and I don’t know why ( no scientific reason for it, maybe we notice because we never did before) but , sky from this place – Lucknow – looks magnificent. I can keep hours gazing at it (But alas! Time doesn’t permit so…) but generally feel its essence while returning from mess – especially night mess.

There is much other stuff which makes life here beautiful. I saw this awesome video and realized – ‘Life can be made perfect only with imperfect moments’!! May be after so much which happened, in many of all our lives, in the past 1 year, this feeling was lost somewhere but it’s dawning now again. It’s dawning again that – sentiments matters and sentiments eventually are made of ‘Small Stuffs’.

It’s only these ‘Small Things’, which gets into our minds, are to be cherished lifelong. It’s only these ‘Small Things’ which will bring a smile on our face once we remember this period of life, after 20 years! For every day that there is sunshine, there will be days of rain, it’s how we dance within them both that show our love and pain

Fredrick Collins stated clearly – “There are two types of people – those who come into a room and say, “Well, here I am!” and those who come in and say, “Ah, there you are.”