Few years back when I was undergoing my engineering degree, we came across a saying worth following – ‘Stay Hungry, Stay foolish’, by Steve Jobs. One of my friend and I had a huge argument over the word – foolish- as he said “how can one be successful if one is FOOLISH?” I just replied him back – “Well, the choice is urs – want to be successful – living others lives or want to be satisfied – living ur own dreams!!!” Life is all about chasing ur dreams and listening to ur hearts. And this exactly is the theme of the movie – 3 Idiots, I saw (rather experienced) yesterday.
3 Idiots is not about idiots or nincompoops. It’s about three engineering students who believe in ‘I’ll Do It On my Terms’ .and that’s what the three characters achieve in life and that’s what Hirani, Chopra, Aamir eventually achieve at the end of the cinema. The message is loud and clear – especially to Indian society where a son/daughter’s fate is sealed the moment he/she is born and that is to become an engineer, doctor or lawyer – “ Don’t settle till u find what u love to do, because, only then your work will become your hobby”.
The movie has very elegantly thrown light on 3 basic issues / consequences of/in Indian gurukul system:
1) Most of the Indian students doesn’t have the realization as to which is the field they want to really pursue and can excel rather than being utterly confused as to why they are doing the course which doesn’t excite them much.

I have literally seen people mugging up in final year of engineering, just before the placement interviews, as to why they did engineering and what are their short term and long term plans. These things should be crystal clear since day 1 you pursue any course and please make sure u do that because you want to do that. Your neighbour Chopra uncle is not going to help you out when in future you realize that you are in soup. Convince the people who matters (according to me that’s only our parents) and move on.

2)All suicides ( students) in the country are not suicides but MURDERS!!!

This is a fact that all those who commit suicides are forced to do so due to this illogical and biased education system in the country. Its sheer mental pressure due to CG, grades, jobs, social culture, etc which forces a young budding intellect to take this drastic step. CG and grades just test your mugging skills in India. Toppers would not be able to have a ½ hour discussion on practical aspects of the theory which they mugged up and topped. Rather the students who scored lesser grades and know how to apply it are real winners in life. This will only show up when they turn up to their jobs where hardly any top successful executives ,of reputed firms are a gold medallist of their college!!

3)Path is more important than destination!!

15 – 27 is the age where we either worry about the future or crib over the past. We forget to live the present. And this is the exact reason why we should pursue what our heart says since only then we will be satisfied with our lives. 10 years down the line , we will all repent the things which we did not do rather than things we did. So, why wait and crib again after 10 years. Do whatever u want to, it’s now which is in your control. Tomorrow never comes. It’s today, this time, which we can control and make it a moment to cherish.
Cribbing is a fashion now. Everyone cribs (especially in IIM..He he) over system, life, exams, grades, hostel rooms, food etc. The more u crib, the more u get of it. Remember – the secret – “your wish is my command”.

Life is not to end, rather a means to end. It’s a beautiful experience only if we accept it that way. It’s all in our perceptions. It’s unexplainable but realizable that only three things are responsible for our condition now in life – We, we and we. Just a simple question needs to be answered – “What do I really want?” And then focus all our energy to achieve it (not by our brain power but by giving our heart to it, brain will follow ultimately). There is a six sigma guarantee that there will be no deviations from what we wanted if we feel it from our heart rather when we shape it through our head.

And last but not the least – life is not a cake walk. Every one faces hardships and nothing becomes gold without burning. More important is to keep saying – “ALL IS WELL”, to our hearts. Although this will not make things better but this will definitely make our heart strong enough to face hardships and move on.