IIM Lucknow is infamous for a cause and the cause is nothing but it’s – ‘so called rigour’. I call it a ‘ so called rigour’ for simple reason that the amount of pressure induced here for the very survival of students is tremendous & aweful. It forces us to live a 10 days life in a week.And it’s only when we move this very fast in life that we love to take a break, crave for a deep fresh breath and enjoy small things in life which then seems to be very significant.

It was in Mahindra when my boss came to know that I was leaving Mahindra to join MBA.He asked me in my farewell party , whether I got frustrated from – ‘life’- that I decide in favour of MBA. At that juncture of time, I took the meaning of life as – ‘ being an engineer’, because that was exactly what I was for the past 6 years. I Studied Mechanical engineering four years and then worked in a mechanical industry for 2. But now I know, what he really meant?

It’s a common practice ( rather sense) that in life we pursue a career in which we are interested – for example a Maths freak take up engineering as his/her career or a line which involves maths. Arts guy take up arts since he knows that it’s his area. Same applies to CA’s, Doctors, etc. They know what their strengths are precisely and they know what are they doing exactly. But MBA is a typical course designed where ur likes n dislikes are kept aside and it so happens that Maths freaks ends up burning midnight oil to learn accountancy, Doctors end up doing linear programming and integration in mathematics and CA’s end up trying to understand Human Psychology and Economics.

MBA programme takes care of the fact that u don’t get settled out here. Each and every student who – once upon a time – cleared CAT with a flamboyant 99 percentiles to get into IIM’s, at least once is burdened with feel of fear i.e. getting a ‘D’ or a ‘F’ in some subject or other. But still life is engrossing and in short – ROCKING as stated in Alchemist – ““If we can concentrate only on present – Life will be a party, a grand festival, because life is a moment we are living right now”

Last end term exams, it was 2:00 am at night when I and my friend were studying Legal aspects of Management ( Just imagine – engineers expected to become lawyers in 3 months and that too in a 0.5 credit course), for the exam next day, and realized that we had 8 more cases to read ( likely to take 3 more hours). We decided to have tea at our night mess before getting on to it again when a million dollar idea struck us- ‘ let’s take the booklet of cases with us so that we can read those in the street lights on our way to mess’. Then we looked at each other and had a hearty laugh for this trivia idea & our pathetic condition.
It was only when we left last 2 cases that night and went to exam hall 15 minutes before, that we noticed our colleagues were discussing those 2 cases itself as if the question paper was leaked an hour ago.( Or better it can be said to be a syndrome which the book – ‘The Secret’ – states as ‘ Law Of Attraction’). It was then when we realized that the two guys, talking on the case intricacies, were mallus and were discussing in Malayalam. I pondered over this and consoled myself that it hardly mattered to me which language they were discussing the case (Malayalam, French or Japanese) because it was already a black case for me and even if it came in examination, it will be solved in a ‘Global’ language by me.

What happened later in LAM exam is something not to be publically disclosed but I am happy that I saved a ‘F’ or ‘D’ in it.