” O Adharmi, Sita mata ko haran karne wale ravan, teri buddhi bhrasht ho chuki hai. Abhi bhi samay hai. Sadbuddhi se kaam le……..”, thus goes the famous lines by Lord Hanuman to Ravan in the very infamous Ramleela during navratra season at Ranchi. This was the 5th day of the 10 day series, which i got the priviledge to attend after 4 years. Anyways it was very special in every respect.

Nothing had changed much.The crowd,the stalls,the stage,performers,vendors, etc were all the same. It was amazing to see that the enthusiasm of the complete community remained the same as it was 10-15 years ago. Advent of TV, media and computer have not let the spark die down during the festive season. It also motivates us to adhere to our culture when with technological changes, most of our next gen children spend more time in virtual cricket games than in field cricket , young minds dwell in google than in relations and almost very transactions takes place thru money transfers & less with family shopping plan.

Well had been coming to see this every evening with my dad and tinku( my best friend) for past 5 days and at last i caught a glimse of HIM. He had grown thinner,leaner with big beard now. The chiniabadamwala who used to sell nuts n other stuff was still there. I remember him selling nuts since my childhood. I was very elated n went to him and asked for a 100 gms badam. After i gave him the money i asked him whether he recognized me? The old man took a deep look at my face n said ” are,aap ho! kaise ho beta? naukri kahan hai abhi?”.I said him about myself, shook hands and left. After 20-22 years i was still enjoying the typical chilled Ranchi night with my dad,watching ramleela and eating nuts from the same vendor. Nothing had changed much but one thing – my height – i remember i used to just touch the badamwala’s desk with my head while i used to take badam when i was small. Today 6’1″ height seemed almost triple while taking the same. I knew that I have come a long way!!

Experiencing Durga puja this time at home was a great feeling and was desperately needed. Roamed all the pandals this time and at last vijay dashmi was celebrated on 28th Sep’09. So called ‘The victory of Good over Evil’. This had been tought to us since our childhood. Mugged up at that time but now the significance of the same was very inspiring.

“Its important to be a man/women of virtues rather than a man/women of success.” Well, no matter how much the world moves forward and no matter how much education one gets, its important to be a human being rather than just a being. Its then only the very existence of ours will mean something to others n most impotantly to us.

Indian epics are the greatest management books that if followed can transform lives drastically. Whether its leadership of Lord Krishna, commitment of Pandavas, Management by Lord Ram or Motivation of Lord Hanuman, these are the very values our generation are drifting away with.

To sum up the very trip to Ranchi this year took me back to the nostalgic memories of childhood and rejuvinated me with light and wisdom. May be the world out here is more demanding of virtues which has little space for this thought but again this depends on individuals to take our culture forward.Thus I believe –
“Life always shows us different paths. It always pays off better to choose the path which is less treaded.”