It was 6:30 pm and after taking the plug n play net connection for my dad,me and my dad came out of the Reliance shop just to realize that the downpour was quite heavy and to reach home within 30 minutes ( mum’s standing instruction to be at home before 7:00 for Durga puja aarti at home ) was only possible if , 1) We take the risk to get drenched ( which we both knew we would love to take ) 2) I drive the bike. But before that we decided to have hot samosa at the shop next to Reliance and then set off.
Earlier in the day we both took a nap after seeing the movie – The Angrez. Then we took the liberty of mum’s and bhabhi’s fast to have our lunch at Kaveri Restaurant – a must visit at Ranchi. We had ice cream ( in fact my dad had that and i had a coke, I have a negative affinity to ice creams ) and then went to shopping for puja.Finally we ended up at Reliance shop – the last assigned work by E-286 head quarters for d day. But the fun was not over yet.
I took the captain seat of the bike and dad with all the stuffs behind. It was a perfect moment with flashback of the child hood memory when last time I got drenched with Dad. That time too i was in the captain seat except for the fact that i was just standing at front since my height was almost 1/3rd of the present 6 feet 1 inch height.Anyway we set out for the ride of life. We were already drenched before we set off, so the better way was to enjoy every drop falling since the damage was already done. For the next 15-20 min of drive , it seemed as if i was with my best friend – shouting n yelling ( naturally most of that was done by me ) as the sharp rainfall mingled with a chill breeze made us vibrant. Finally we reached home totally wet and finishing the best part of the evening – Getting wet.
Well the beautiful evening came to an end but only to remain in thoughts for ever. its often said that when son/daughter becomes best friend with their parents,life seems to show beautiful colours which can not be experienced otherwise. This was my best date ever and the most beautiful evening spent especially after joining IIM Hel(L).