Well had been to Ranchi to visit my sister who in turn visits India every year this time. Had a very short visit of 3 days. It was really nice to be at home, especially after, the rigour of mid term in IIM L. It was a feeling of heaven with Brother-Sister chit chat, Dev’s play , shopping, roaming, and lot many things which makes us feel united. And 3 days passed in a flash and while on the way to get the return flight to Lucknow, it seemed as if it was hours before that i landed up in Ranchi.

But ‘time and tide waits for no man’ ( n women for that matter ) and i boarded the connecting flight to New Delhi with my mind fully pre occupied with E-286 -2 , A HEAVEN. It was like, i never felt more home sick before ( rather a feeling for past 7 years , evertime i leave home ). ‘ This is life’ , i consoled myself and took up me seat and started the AV screen in front of me in flight. As happens with me often , i ended up with a good movie with protaganist’s reflection of my image. The movie starred anupam kher, an indian model and tara sharma ( i couldn’t figure out the name of the movie !!!). In short,the story goes that the actress is a call center operator and is getting engaged with some guy in India and something happens to that dreamy girl and she falls for a credit card customer in America. She goes all d way to meet him and that is beautifully potrayed in the movie. And as usual before i could witness the ending of the movie, we reached New Delhi and i had to leave the movie mid way with all the time my mind pondering over the ending of the same ( Only if i could have guessed and helped u all to fig it out).
Then came the waiting part in New Delhi Airport. Still had 2 hours in hand and therefore went up the food loungue to have a cup of coffee.The sight outside the glass was mesmerizing. It was the view of the complete runways and planes in waiting and being attended and moreover of heavy downpour in progress. Something caught my mind and it was the flow of the jeeps, persons, planes, cargos etc to and fro from planes. It was very much cordinated and systematic. After the analogy of Puri Beach ( still to be written in blog ) with life, this scene outside the lounge seemed very near to same,with every life happening similar to what was in front of me. Every event taking its own pace, own time, own way just to add and sum up together to make an experience of life. U cant force something to change, if u do , u r in trouble because although that runways was being managed by humans, our life’s runways are being managed by God. He decides who we are, what we do, who enter our lives and who stays. If any kind of imposition is there from our side , life shatters and there s a chaos, stress, labour and our OB prof can very well explain what follows thereafter.

And last but not the least, came practical dissonace in the flight from New Delhi to Lucknow. It came spontaneously to me and this time i didnt force anything. I took my boarding pass and sat on my seat in the plane with emergency exit just behind me. 2 typical jahil janta was sitting there. The air hostess came and very gracefully explained those buggers the operation of the same during emergency and the language used by her was ‘ english’. After she completed,one of the sucker says ‘ are madam aap to humko angrezi main boli, hamen nahi ata english winglish.Hindi main boliye’. Any lady would have been embarassed by such a disgrace but she tried her level best to again convey the message in hindi but being from north east region of India, was not able to express her impressively but was good enough for any hindi speaking indian to understand. One of the two persons cut her short and said ‘ hamen kuch samajh nahi aa raha’.
Being a witness to what was happening and already not in my calm mind, i turned to the lady hostess and asked her ‘ do u allow seat changes in case of an emergency’? She nodded. I turned to those 2 idiotic figures and literally ordered them to get up from the seat as it was I who understood what to do with the emergency exit door if emergency arises. I asked the aunty sitting beside me to come back and let those 2 lucknowi nawabs occupy our seats. Aunty too nodded and finally i thanked the air hostess – Nikita ( I noticed the name later ) for her services. It was a 55 minutes flight to Lucknow – again i was filled with my typical feelings – Home Sickness was already the major % of it & the awaiting HELL’s life was other. Finally the ecstacised view of lights and clouds outside was broken when aunty , who was travelling with me , inquired about me and more and finally said ‘ I am impressed son’. I smiled, the first one on my face in the last 7 hours.
The question is – ‘ was this the worst journey of my life ever?’—–> DEPENDS ON OUR PERCEPTION!! RIGHT??