It was 16:15 hrs when we 5 buddies, after QAM paper and a week long of infamous IIM L mid term rigour, decided to sail though the movie – Love Aaj Kal – starring charismatic Deepika and dude Saif as protagonists. The tempo was on a roll and mind on a high. But what was on the low was the fact that we knew little that the 2.5 Hrs experience of the movie would be a great case study of OB ( Organizational Behaviour ) to discuss upon critically ( They will kill me to again bring OB in this blog…but dears let accept it).

In case you are still reading,the movie – Love Aaj Kal eulogises the importance of heart over head in relations for commitment phobic people. The contrast is crafted beautifully with 70’s love plot , where it is all heart that existed and have no place for head-heart clashes. This is very true in present arena where both X & Y chromosomes counterparts view their career of utmost importance in 21st century. The movie depicts contrasting Indian culture values, where a breakup party being celebrated, a khula saand concept and a ‘2 day marriage sorry’, really are hard to digest but the very fact is that , Imtiaz Ali touched the aching misery of the current generation very wisely and artistically.
The point of discussion after reviewing the movie was – Well, the very 1st scene in which Saif talks of breakup ,Deepika accepts and both of them take a decision to part ways. Did Deepika in turn wanted the other way round and she just gave in to saif’s request due to some other factors ( depicted form her facial expressions ) or she too wanted to part ways? ——- Lets assume that the first logic is true then the only thing which stopped Deepika to put her heart out was her ‘ego’, who wanted a life long commitment from saif but could not get it. She was successful in life and she didnt want to show her weakness to her partner. She ‘surface acted’ to hide her inner feelings and put up a laconic face which saif couldn’t understand. The point here is why would she do so? She was into a relation for 2 years and where does an ego factor comes into play after that? If it comes and that too in the crucial period of taking life’s biggest decisions then her feelings were never true. They were ‘surface acting’ throught the period of 2 years and no one was himself/herself with their counterparts.

Secondly, Deepika was the one who after giving consent to break off said that they will not be in touch once they part. How can u go so extremes in fraction of the time in which first- u have to take up the shock what saif is saying, then digest it, then dont show up on ur face, then surface act and then say something which is more extreme than the creator itself. If someone is afraid of distance,changing feeling for their counterparts,it is to be understood that emotions lie in the closeness of soul and not persons themselves. Why do we cherish our parents even if we are far away from them. Its because we are close to them by soul. We can feel them, the every energy of them in our veins. This is what love is. When u cherish the person even being 1000 of miles away from him/her. If u trust God, U must also believe in His energy.
I read it somewhere – ‘ Life is nothing if we get everything but Life is everything we miss something in life’. Critics ( 3/5 of us ) argue that Deepika wanted to make Saif realize her worth and thats why she took this stand. Well if this was the case then she would’t have let junior khanna to enter her life and make a commitment of marriage. She realized the true feelings for saif and the chemistry they shared only after saif came to her life again to show what she was missing in life which completed her. As far as saif is concerned, it was only after he hears of Mr Khanna that his ‘ missing in life’ part was revealed. Jealousy is the universal truth what makes men shatter ( Recall the movies – ‘Hum Tumhare hain sanam’ and ‘ Main, meri biwi aur woh’) – BEWARE!!!!

Ego is something which is an enemy to happy life, especially in life craving for emotions. One has to lent his heart out in front of their partner else u will not able to be urself with them, which is a lacuna in relation itself. Only when,u can be what u want to be, say what u want to say and act as u want to act in front of ur life partner, its only then u have found ur soul mate. This is an important factor to keep ‘ expectations’ away from damping ones relations. Why is that some relations with- parents, brothers,sisters,friends,etc are immortal? The simple reason being – u dont expect , rather, u accept the person as they are. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this is the point that Deepika should have taken care of IF SHE DIDN’T WANT A BREAKUP ( ASSUMPTION).

In case u still have the courage to read further, above are my viewpoints to understand the situation by putting my personality traits to a bigger picture. Somebody else can very well have some other view point. This belief got strenghened in me in due course of time after this heated discussion in auto by 5 of us.We went to insti party the same night and sat down at the end to discuss personal experiences of our emotional lives. Every one faces emotional labour ( pl bear the terms of OB for time being), but the beauty of this life is how we cope up with it. Saif had his own way by making his life hell ( Thanks he didnt turned up in L ), but every individual is different, every situtaion is diverse and every intention of the person in ur life is different. Once the things are messed up, we should critically analyze the reasons for it. Like saif says to Deepika on her marriage eve – ‘ u could have persuaded me, forced me, i would have given a thought to it’.
‘Every relation has a happy ending. If its not happy, its not the end’,the famous lines by Rabindranath Tagore gives us enlightment of true feelings.The good part is written further – ‘ U can be happy with them or with thyself – choice is urs’. I guess any elaboration further to this will be injustice to the beautiful eye opener by d maestro.
We have been reading since our childhood – ‘ Man is a gregarious animal’. In short it says we are a social animal. Society is what keeps us bounded. Being social is a way to release stress – as says our OB theory ( this time am anti so u guys can chill ……….) but this is more like finding happiness in others rather than being contended with thyself. This is where expectations come in. This is where relations go astray. And this is where we have EMOTIONAL LABOUR. My point is to demarkate being social and being emotional with others. Social is something we are with acquantances but emotions are something u can share with only like mided people. It may be ur parents, brother,sister,collegues or friends. My mom once said – ‘ U r ur best friend always since others can only grasp 20 % of what u r feeling because its u who is going thru those emotions’. I have always found this true with an exception. The exception is that besides me only my mother can grasp 100 % of what am going through and may be we can generalize this exception to every1.

To summarize
1)Deepika was not surface acting for breakup till at least breakup party gets over.
2) Insti party is a great time to share our emotional dissonance.
3) Like minded people and not society takes away stress from you.
Smells like a half cooked meal….