An alumni of 93 batch and an entrepreneur since day 1, Mr Kaushal was here tonight to give insights if his life. Well he shared his myths which he had and the hard way that he learnt the reality. He talked of 2001 depression when his whole of business shattered and he didn’t even had money to pay for his  4 year daughter’s school’s fees. He was in Germany then , struck by a massive earthquake, living in a tent and having 1 meal per day for 5 days and 6 nights.Well the very thought of it sent shivers to my spine but then i wondered what it was ( apart from hailing from IIM & his passion ) that made him sail through the blunt stick of  life.

I asked him this after his lecture in personal and the reply sent a second shock down my spine.His ansewer was – ‘ My wife’.

He said, ‘She was from a banker’s family with no exposure to entrepreneurs in her life so she was all the time skeptical of my business which was very uncertain. Right from day 1 she had warned me of my failures and i always promised her that it can never go wrong. ‘I am an IIM grad and can turn things around’. She asked – ‘is that a word?’ and i said – ‘ya it is’.And the worse happened.I was shattered with sweat on my face in cold winter everytime i met with my financers, insurance providers.’ He continued, ‘ well it was then that having bankrupcy cought my nerve and i sold my car, mortgaged my home but at the same time was very guilty for my family. ‘Do i have to shut all down?’, What will i earn. What about my words to my wife? And I was shattered. But at that moment of time my wife gave me a management lesson which i couldn’t gain my lifetime. It was – I trust u and so will ur investors if u r honest.’ She reminded me, ‘ U r an IIM grad, u can turn things around. Its very simple. ‘ She stood by me in those times and i now have a 10 Cr turnover. Thanks to Manasi.’ , he ended mesmerising all of us.

Well this really checked my myths in life. May be its an coincidence that I saw Lakshya movie this afternoon and thinking of Preity Zinta saying Hrithik after he left NDA and came back – ‘ U cannot take care of ur words, what can u take care of me…….’, i felt a surge to ponder that – is words that important than emotions? Is it that what u say u have to adhere ,come what may!!! I feel this a hardliner of life which every1 of us should demarcate and move on. Life shows us ways to live up. Better learn it an easy way………..