Well before i lent out heart out,let me first wish my best friend – Roshan ‘Happy B’day’today – 18th July’09.Well this day also reminds me of the great ‘Black night’ we hostellites had after our 1st year of engg.,the description of which is banned to write out here.Only 12 of us knows what we underwent ( n I hope it always remains within us only).

Now today, 6 yrs after our then black night, here am I in IIM Lucknow facing tuff times( Black days u can call). Every1 wait for the weekends in life, but not IIML  deciples. Weekends means load for which 48 hrs too falls short.Anyway thats IIML – positioned 3rd in rigour globally after MIT & IIM A. The good thing is that its raining out,the weather is chilled and moreover i can feel all types of reptiles hovering around my room,looking for some space/food.

This reminds me a theory which we read in our OB class – Hunger and sight.Well it says about the psychology of people that when ever we are hungry we always loose sight of things around us. We stay focused on as if all nerves of our body are feeding stomach and while we move around to look for mess,gupta’s,nescafe or amul outlets( All inside IIM), we miss the other events inside the campus. This is very true not only in this direct context but other contexts too. When we are perceptually hungry, we miss out things which are worth experiencing at that period of time.

To take this further, suppose u r very hungry – didnt had dinner last night and couldn’t have ur breakfast too and u have to attend a ‘ Behaviour in organization’ class of 1.5 hrs- Will u get a word of the world class teaching there? To be true- NO is the answer.But the things tought there are very cruicial- every1 knows what quizzes are all about,its class concentration n u r thru.

The same applies to our life too. When we are too hungry to get something- pride,dreams,aim,relations etc, we miss out other good things in life which we deserve-love,care,life. Well its said that – Success is not a destination but a journey. This is a very thought provoking quotation, since this is what is lacking in today’s fast world. Destination is a aim but journey are moments and life is all about moments. U may be  a gr8 individual today but the transformation to this state is more exciting rather than state itself. SRK meant the same thing in chak de india where he said –‘ U have got 70 minutes,play it to ur full satisfaction.Dont repent later of having performed better.’ Life moments are precious, live each moment to its fullest.If u concentrate on only hunger,u will miss out the other living moments of ur life.

I came across 2 statements which covey different tone n meaning:

1st – India is a country overcrowded with people &  undershadowed with sunshine.

2nd – India is a country with bright people and bright sunshine.

I dont know but this caught my attention as to how much of our attitude depends  on our ways of percieving things that drives our life. ‘The secret’ book says – think +ve and u see world turning around u. When some1 wants something and wants it badly, the whole world conspires to create situations that favours the same.

To sum up , to make things move and to be satisfied in life, 2 ingredients are very important in life and thats trust & respect. Trust urself,trust ur loved ones,trust life,trust destiny and the world will show tremendous trust on u. Also last but not the least – we should respect others,their decisions,their choices,their family and above all we should respect life to be so humble and accepting to us.