He walks into the IIM L canteen with his sticks.Bold,confident,independent & of course smart enough to face life. 377 others did the same when they took registration on 26th of June’09 but there is something different in 4 guys /gals which are with us. Well, everytime i look them , I pass 3 phase of emotions in a flash.First i feel ( am happy about the fact that i feel) saddened and sympathetic about their condition. Then the next moment i realize the fact that there is nothing to be sympathetic about and sympathy a trait of the weak and these guys are not weak rather they are double fold stronger than normal us. And in the next instant i feel proud and a bliss dawns on me that, well, although that they are in such a turmoil in their life, they were able to achieve so much just as any other guy/gal. We feel proud of our achievement and I feel proud of their ahievements too because they teaches us – ‘Live Life – Its Beautiful’.
If u run ur thoughts a bit more, one will realize that every1 in life has a depressing phase of life where we are actually sad about something. We lost some1 very dear, didn’t perform good in life, had to break a relation or not able to visualize the ultimate objective of life but then again do u opine that all these petty things would have mattered if we were in the shoes of a person who couldn’t walk without sticks, or a right hander who cannot use his right hand ever or better a women who has to always hold her underdeveloped leg or a gal with under growth? I think that of all losses these are the losses which no one can account for and the guy/gal has 2 options then – mourn,that roses have thorns or better appreciate the fact that thorns have roses ( I was searching for this phrase all my life it seems).These guys / gals in IIML have chosen the latter one and ought to be saluted for this – ‘For living a beautiful respected life’.
Relations in life is important. I read somewhere( a bit long one so pl bear) – A boy/girl is said to be in true love with a his/her partner not if he/she marries her/him when she/he is hail and hearty ( every1 can do that) but rather he/she marries her/him when he/she comes to know that the girl/guy has fallen off the roof of a second floor and cannot walk his whole life ( Now thats real care n feelings) . Now thats seems philosophical but this is a fact that nowadays relations are fashion. He/she will be in relation for their personal interests and the moment the person follows their respective dreams or other obligations, its all over. Well this is not love rather a blot in the pious feeling which dawns to a rare few who makes their ‘life beautiful’.
Love is not when perfect people comes together but when imperfect people crosses each other.Just like these gutty guys/gals in IIM who made sure that the imperfections in their life had nothing to do with their success stories. And further more i am sure success will kiss their lives in future too just for the simple fact that they have realized the importance of being well off in simple basics. Most of us lack that.Since childhood,we got every toy we wanted,reached to places where we aimed and had relations which carried us but yet then again we all in a way has not realized what 1/3 rd of india realizes everyday.And that is REAL LIFE. We can afford pizzas when there exixts a family in dreaded hunger with no chapptis to feed their children. We live in ac’s and coolers and still curse when some families live beneath open sky and a hatched house whether its 45 deg heat or 2 deg CHILL. We spend 1/3 of our savings in new clothes while some in India are very happy with our discarded clothes and makes their limited life beautiful.
My intention is not to make all of us live in huts, without ac’s and wear tattered clothes but rather my intention is to make a point in life to look at larger pictures. Appreciate the song ‘ khao pio aish karo mitron, dil par kisi ka dukhayo na………..’.This has a meaning, deep meaning. One has no right to play with the hearts of the person in front of u just because you have some personal belief. 22-25 years that person if front of you have had his/her own beliefs with their parents. Respect that and their parents too and u will get respect back to make ur social life also beautiful.
May be I am more of theoretical models in my writings but well its not exactly like that. And more over respect your parents. I believe that parents are those persons in life whose blessings take us to places. Being a bit mythological, Sri Ram went to vanvas for 14 years, leaving everything, just because his parents said so. Never deny ur parents, only they are perfect in life. Everything else is secondary. Everything else will follow. Just like ( being mythological again) Sita maa followed Ramji to vanvas when she had an option to stay in ayodhya back. This is what true love is. This is what life is. This is what takes us to a position when we realize how important it is to be well off. And this is the time you start taking life as roses on thorns.
Last but not the least, everytime i see my 4-5 collegues in IIM, i just remember a phrase which makes me feel good. It goes – ‘ Life will show u 100 reasons to cry. Show life that u have 1000 reasons to smile.’ I have started to respect what i have got, I pray to God everyday to help me to change things around me which I can and help accept things which i cannot. To end with i would like to again go back to a bollywood song which has a deep eternal meaning in this context – ‘ Barbadiyon ka shok manana fizool tha,barbadiyon ka jashn manata chala gaya……….Main jindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya…..’. Its all in our minds to make our ‘LIVES BEAUTIFUL’.